10 Ways to Wear Your Fashion and Jewelry Watches

They say being fashionable is a way of presenting yourself when facing people you meet and socialize with. Owning a fashion and jewelry watch is a must nowadays because of the needs of the modernizing world where time is of the essence. You know you want something that will help you accessorize your look to be able to be stylish and have the up-to-the-minute look.So if you own one chic watch you might be questioning yourself of the ways to wear your fashion and jewelry watches. Here are some guidelines that might help you have that trendy look:Ask yourself if you would want a wristwatch, a necklace watch or a ring watch. With the changing times, your fashion and jewelry watch can now be worn around your neck and around your finger/s. You would want to consider where you would like to wear your watch.Determine the face color of your watch. It is important that you must be able to read the numbers and to know the exact time on your watch without you taking a lot of time figuring out what time is it already. Do not think that you cannot personalize your watch because there are retailers that already put stones and patterns on it.Know what style of strap you would want to use.Straps are important in watches because it is obvious to the eyes compared to the face color of your watch. Choose if you would want a strap that would flaunt diamonds, a retro pattern, a leopard patter or a neon-colored pattern. It is up to you as long as you make sure that it would be your own personal style.Pick a face shape and style. There are different shapes and styles of a watch that will fit your personality. Shapes may vary from round to an octagon. Sometimes faces of animals are the face shape of the watch. The style of your face is its minute and second hands. Make sure it is not exaggerated for you to be able to read the time correctly.Determine what material your strap will be made of. Your strap material is important because you must make sure that it is comfortable and you can wear it in a party all night long. Materials vary from rubber to metal. You choose what suits your style.Know what other features should your watch have. You might want to consider other features that can be added to your watch. You might think to have a water resistant watch in case you fall into a pool or get you watch soaked. Another feature could be the chronograph or a stopwatch if you have something important to time. Other watches have calendar to keep track of the day. There are a lot of features that your watch can have and it’s up to you to decide what you will wear.Know when you will use your fashion and jewelry watch. The occasion and the place where you will use your fashion and jewelry watches is important. It could be a glamorous one where your diamond watch could stand out.Assess its compatibility with your other accessories. You would not want a watch that does not compliment to other accessories because, after all, it is one of your accessories. Make sure it do not over power the other accessories.Know which fashion or jewelry watch matches with your outfit. Make sure that your watch matches the outfit you are wearing. If you are sporting something sophisticated and formal, you must opt for a jewelry watch that is elegant. If you are on a casual wear, choose something more relax and basic.Show it off. Be proud of your watch. It is your own style. It defines who you are and what style you have.